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Mock up – EV Product Information Page (PIP)

This is a sample page that introduces electric vehicle products.
This page helps customers to easily understand electric vehicles.
If the screen you are looking for is not in the mockup, it must be rebuilt to suit your needs.

EV PIP LayoutView

Customers want more information about electric vehicles. EV PIP needs to show more intuitive images, videos, and unique selling points.
In addition, information on charging stations, tax benefits, and fuel savings must be provided to customers.

A number of video contents are proposed in the EV PIP Guide.
However, you will need to adjust the number of video content, taking into account your country’s network speed.
Videos can be replaced with core images.

Key Visual (Video)

Auto Play

Commerce function

Review, Savings calculator, shortcut, etc

Key selling point (Video/Image)

Short clip with funny

3 main features (Image)

Zoom on Mouse Hover

Feature list (Video)

Compare Trims

Visualize of key points

Interior (Video/Image)

Utilization of USP video

Exterior (Video/Image)

Key exterior features pointer
The way of showing exterior high lights introduce Hong Kong reference (Link: HongKong IONIQ 5 page)

Bluelink (Video/Image)

Charging station(Map)

Based on internal data / affiliate data

Calculator : Government Incentives

Based on internal data / affiliate data

Calculator : Estimated Fuel Savings

Based on internal data / affiliate data

Awards history

Only official images distributed by HMC are available

How to buy a car online

Customers often find it difficult to buy a car online.
The Guide below will show customers how to buy a car online in an easier, more fun way.
Depending on the culture of each country, show the webtoon or infographic in a way that customers prefer more.

Webtoon VersionView

Infographic VersionView

Select Trims