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About CTB Back office


There are two types of back office required for operating Click to Buy.

  • Legacy System

    Back office that manages offline commerce (legacy system like ERP)

  • Click to Buy Admin

    Back office that manages online commerce (Click-to-Buy)

  • E-Commerce
    Back and Platform

    A global standard system that provides various functions, database, and interface
    for online commerce (E-core platform)

Please visit the E-core portal to find out more information on the E-core portal for system developers URL: (Contact info :

Click to Buy (Front-End)

Online Sales Platform (APIs & DB)
  • Standard Function (APIs)
  • Standard Data Format (DB)
Legacy System
  • HPP / CPP (Product, Vehicle Portal)
  • Sales
  • Customer Request
  • Dealership Info
  • Communication
  • Incentive
  • Help
  • Legacy Admin
Click To Buy Admin
  • Dealer Admin
  • Corporate Admin
  • Manage Admin

The composition of the legacy system may vary by country.

Click to Buy is a "Online" sales system. However, the required information to run Click to Buy, such product(price, specification, etc.), dealer, customer, inventory
information is stored and managed by various existing legacy system to support existing offline sales operation.
Since each countries has different structure, format, and solution for its legacy system, it is not possible to define the common guideline to manage entire Back office for
the Click to Buy. Instead, the guide system provides a guideline to define and create the areas that are required for Click to Buy operation.
More information on the interface with the Click to Buy back office should be checked with the person in charge of the legacy system, since detailed business functions may vary by country.(There are a lot of information and documents you need to know.)

You need to know the tasks performed by Click to Buy Admin, which should be newly created to develop Click to Buy, and its composition.

Click to Buy Composition According to
The Business Model (E2E, O2O)

The information on back office/Admin in this Guide is based on the E2E model.
Even if you select an O2O service model for Click to Buy, the entire back office should have the menus/functions being notified, because the sale is not completed until the last step of the O2O model (reservation) is finished.
As the buyer performs the step to the reservation only in the O2O model, the remaining steps to order completion can be processed using the legacy system, even though some dealer Admin menus are not created.

Please refer to the menu table below for the Admin menu composition according to the business model.

Corporate Admin Menu Table

  • OThe menu should be created
  • XNo need to create the menu
1st Depth 2nd Depth 3rd Depth E2E O2O
Dashboard Dealer Dashboard O O
Customer Customer info O O
Membership withdrawal O O
Promotion Vehicle Online display Category Setting O O
Trim Color Setting O O
Feature O O
Color O O
Option O O
Accessory O O
Promotion O O
Warranty O X
Videos O X
Expert Review O X
Dealer O O
Promotion Banner Setting Sales Consultant O O

Dealer Admin Menu Table

  • OThe menu should be created
  • XNo need to create the menu
1st Depth 2nd Depth 3rd Depth E2E O2O
Dashboard Dealer Dashboard O O
Customer Customer Search O O
Click to Buy Offer(Quotation) O X
Finance Application O X
Contract O X
Delivery O X
Trade-in O X
Purchasing Condition O X
Preset Additional Discount O X
Offer Approval O X
Adiminstration Setting Sales Consultant O O
Vehicle Display O O
Reservation Payment Setting O O
Delivery Setting O X