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The guide system provides guidelines for developing Hyundai Motor Company’s online sales platform, Click to Buy.
By providing various guidelines and examples, local platform planners and developers can easily initiate Click to Buy development on their own.
For any suggestions or inquiries about the use of the service, please contact

Main Contents of the Guide System

The guide system provides guides for the following areas for Click to Buy development. (Click to display its contents)

Application for Use

To use the service of the guide system, you must register as a member through the following procedure.

  1. STEP 01Fill out the
    application form
  2. STEP 02Approval by HMC employee
    (For Non-HMC employee only)
  3. STEP 03Approval by the
  4. STEP 04Check the approval
    E-mail & Set the password
  5. STEP 05Finished
  • The e-mail address of the manager (Hyundai Motor employee) is required when applying for use.
  • If the applicant is a Hyundai Company employee, the administrator reviews and approves the application.
  • The use period is set when applying for use, and the approved right to use expires when the use period expires.
  • The applicant should be careful as the use application approval e-mail may be classified as spam.