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When you build Click to Buy, it is based on an E2E or O2O model, but you can also add Inventory model as a business option.
This is a model that allows customers to search and purchase available stocks in dealerships.

For Making an Inventory Menu

Buyers may want an out-of-the-box stock car. This process can be applied in sales territories equipped with such stock inquiry system.
The Build & Price procedure is for Factory Order, but the Inventory procedure allows you to browse the vehicles that the dealer actually has in stock.
The Build & Price procedure is usually requires waiting period, but the Inventory procedure allows customer to browse the vehicles that available at the dealer for
immediate purchase.
Since buyers in the E2E or O2O process may want inventory that can be purchased immediately, providing a menu for switching to Inventory on the appropriate screen is

  1. Booking
  2. Quotation
  3. Financing
  4. Upload
  5. Contract
  6. Balance

Inventory : Click the box of each "Finding stock car" step to view the start screen of the step in question.(Opens on a new window)

  • Select location: Set the reference location for inventory search.(No specific dealer is directly selected.)
  • A simple filter function is provided to find a car that meets the condition.
  • Matters that correspond to the concierge step of the online purchase process can be set, such as the vehicle delivery method and trade-in sales, while viewing the detailed information of the vehicle.
  • Steps after requesting a quote from the dealer proceed in the same way as the online purchase process.