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Structure of CTB Admin

User Hierarchy and Roles

All users excluding the Click to Buy Admin manager are collectively called "employee" user. The Admin use rights of the "corporate" or "dealer manager" can be given to employee users depending on the position and role. The role of each user can be classified as follows.

  • Corporate

    This user actually operates Click to Buy for the country.
    This user can set the vehicle display, customer information search, and dealer information.

  • Dealer Manager

    The manager of the dealer company (corporate, not individual) that uses Click to Buy.
    This manager actually manages the quotation and ordering process performed by the buyer.

  • Admin Manager

    The system administrator of Click to Buy, can designate the corporate user and the dealer manager user.

Employee (Backoffice Users)

Corporate Admin
Dealer Admin
Manage Admin

Manage Admin

Manage Admin allows the Click to Buy system administrator to search and view the employee user and change the user rights (corporate, dealer Admin).

Sample View

Corporate Admin

Corporate Admin can set the product (vehicle), dealer, and promotion banners exposed on Click to Buy and view customer information.

Administrator Work by Menu

  • Customer Info

    Searches for customer information.
    • Each customer information is composed of the profile and quotation history.
    • The composition of customer information may differ a little depending on the privacy law by region and the privacy policy of the operator.
      Sample View
  • Product

    Sets up the Hyundai vehicle information to be displayed on Click to Buy.
    • Model and trim, features.
    • Color, option, accessory, promotion, and warranty.
    • Videos and expert reviews for each model.
    • The product information that can be selected using this menu should be provided by the product related legacy system.
      Sample View
  • Dealer

    Sets up the dealer that can be selected by the buyers on Click to Buy.
    • The dealer information that can be selected should be provided by the legacy system.
      Sample View
  • Promotion Banner

    Registers the promotion banner and sets the exposure period.
    • This function is directly connected to the front-end of Click to Buy, regardless of the legacy system.
    • However, the target page that can be opened by the user using the banner should be set up on the official website of Hyundai Motor in each region, because there are no contents exclusive for promotional events on Click to Buy.
      Sample View

Dealer Admin

Dealer Admin can check the products that can be shown to the buyers by each dealer using Click to Buy, stocks of the dealer, and various kinds of information generated in the quoting process and ordering process.

The menu that is not enabled in the provided mock-up requires an interface with the legacy system.
For the detailed implementation methods, please contact the person in charge of the local legacy system.

Administrator work by menu

  • Customer

    Searches for customer information. Sample View
  • Click to Buy

    The quotation and ordering procedure conducted online on Click to Buy can be viewed. This menu handles the key information of online transactions, such as the quote proposed by a certain dealer to a certain buyer, and financing application in progress.

  • Administration

    The administration menu of the back office for each dealer; only the “Setting” menu is provided in the mock-up.(You can add as many menus as needed.)
    The Setting menu is composed of the following.

    • Sales Consaltant

      The sales consultant of each dealer and the list of customers managed by the sales consultant can be viewed and modified.

      Sample View
    • Vehicle Display

      The vehicles (models) that can be viewed by the buyer can be selected.

      Sample View
    • Reservation Payment Setting

      The ratio or amount of reservation payment for the vehicle reserved by the buyer can be set.

      Sample View
    • Delivery Setting

      The delivery cost of each vehicle (model) can be set.

      Sample View

    The Guide system provides the wireframe storyboard samples for Manage Admin, Corporate, and Dealer Admin system. Please refer to the sample at the time of development.