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Break Point

The layout is adjusted within the designated breakpoint range according to the screen size and orientation.
Please refer to the breakpoints by case that are used in Click to Buy.

Break Point

  • Resolution

    Mobile : Default 375px - 1023px
    Tablet : 1024px - 1239px
    Web(PC) : 1240px or above, Default breakpoint 1920px

  • Size Unit

    Tablets or devices larger than tablets: %, em
    Mobile devices smaller than tablets: px, em

Break Point

Left Menu Type

Case 1

The screen using the left menu is based on the breakpoint case 1.

Left Menu Type 1

ANavigation Area (Left)

Navigation Area (Left)

BContents Area (Right)

Contents Area (Right)

Case 2

The personalized screen is based on the breakpoint case 2.

Left Menu Type 2

AMenu (Left)

Menu (Left)

BContents Area (Right)

Contents Area (Right)

Half Type

The screen using 1:1 ratio is based on the half type breakpoint.

Half Type

AVisual Area (Left)

Visual Area (Left)

BText Area (Right)

Text Area (Right)

Center Type

A type that the content is fixed at 1200px.

Center Type

A1280 or higher

1280 or higher

BLower than 1280

Lower than 1280