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O2O(Online to Offline Process Model)

The O2O process model is shorter than the E2E process because only up to booking payment step is conducted online, with the rest of the process conducted offline.
There are two types of the "Build a car" step for this simple user experience, i.e., a single page type and multiple pages type.

Standard Process

Build & Price
  1. Select DealerView
  2. Build a car
  1. Quotation
  2. Financing
  3. Upload
  4. Contract
  5. Balance
Offline Processing
Contact Dealer

Click each block to view the start screen of the step in question.(Opens on a new window)

For the process that aims for maximizing booking or lead collection, it is important to enable the buyer to input the minimum information necessary to consult with the dealer only. In general, skipping the concierge step and minimizing the number of options provided by the "Build a car" step are recommended.

Variation of O2O Build & Price Procedure Design

Single page style(Type A) can be produced quickly and help to reduce the time before users contact the dealer.
Multi page style(Type B) uses the similar configuration as E2E’s Build & Price. Thus, it has the advantage of being able to easily scale to 100% Online Purchase in the future. If your country has plan to implement E2E business model in the near future, we recommend to implement Multi page style.