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The guidelines to Click to Buy icons integrate icon shapes, maintain design consistently, and visually reflect the characteristics,
strengths and identity of Hyundai Motors.

Keyline Shape & Stroke

The keyline shape and stroke is based on the grid.
Use these key guidelines as a standard to maintain visual proportions and shape consistently across the Click to Buy website.

Icon - Keyline Shapes and Stroke

Brand Icons

These guidelines ensure that the key elements of the icons reflect the brand identity of Hyundai Motors.
Brand icons convey the key idea and intention of Click to Buy simply and clearly.


Size : 80x80, Line Stroke : 3, Corner : Rounding Join

Brand Icon - Point


Size : 35x35, Exterior Stroke : 2, Interior Stroke : 1 / 1.5, Corner : Rounding Join

Brand Icon - Spec

System Icons

System icons are simply and intuitively designed to provide excellent legibility even in the smallest size.
Each icon is reduced to a minimal shape and expresses its essential characteristics.


Size : 16x16

System Icon - Common

BButton - Basic

Size : 15x15, Line stroke : 1.5

System Icon - Basic buttons

CButton - Bold

Size : 15x15, Line stroke : 2

System Icon - Bold buttons


Label icons are visualized using the colors and texts defined according to the set value.
Labels effectively show the current state value to users.

AMy Click to Buy List

Common labels used on the entire page.

Label - My Click to Buy List

BMenu List

Common labels used on tabs and list page.

Label - Menu List