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Build & Price

In this process, the vehicle to be purchased is configured and the purchase conditions are set. When the process is completed, the step changes to the quotation request to the dealer. The "Build a car" screen configuration can be customized by referring to the guide design according to the product composition of the region (model of the selling car, number of trims, etc.)

Build a Car

The buyer builds the vehicle to purchase.

Click on the active icon to see the start screen for that step.(Opens on a new window)

Purchase Condition

The buyer sets the purchase method such as warranty, delivery, promotion, etc.

Promotions View Screen
Trade-in View Screen
Warranty View Screen
Delivery View Screen
  • The start screen of the step can be viewed if the icon is clicked.(Opens on a new window)
  • The sequence is just a reference and each step block can be relocated, removed or added based on each country's situation.